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Miranda and Faye, mother and daughter ... both creative, active, meticulous, thinking out of the box, problem-solving, challenged. That describes these 2 still too narrowly.
A jeweler training in Schoonhoven provided a wide range of skills. Yet it was only about 15 years ago that it really started to be active again. A chance meeting with an enthusiastic ceramist enabled me to regain my love for ceramics. She taught me a lot. Turning, hand shaping, glazing and firing. Discovered what I like to do. Crazy firing techniques, painting on unglazed earthenware. Preferably difficult, special or very fine work.
My daughter was already inspired by Froukje. Should also participate at a young age. Faye has inherited talent. But is from this time. Uses modern techniques. Mixed media, social media, does the web design, photography and sales. But can also paint very nicely on biscuit.
Now that we have moved to Montferland, the dream of having our own studio has come true.

There is also room for workshops here.


As we see it now, we want to continue experimenting with special firing techniques such as raku, pitfire and saggar.
We also want to organize workshops in small groups. The workshop will consist of 1x modeling and 1x firing.

We also want to offer the possibility to make urns and memorial pieces with someone who would like to make this themselves, but does not have the options. Of course it is also possible to have personal urns and memorial items made on request. Be inspired in our portfolio and contact us to discuss the possibilities or order one directly in our webshop.


We at Keramiek Atelier Montferland believe that everyone is able to create something beautiful. It does not matter whether you are still a child or elderly, whether you have been in the clay for years or whether this is the first time. We will help you create something you can be proud of.
We think that the beauty of the environment has a major impact on your creativity. This is something we have already experienced ourselves, now that we can stare at the Montferland forest with our hands in the clay.
We would also like you to experience this feeling of peace and manufacturability during one of our workshops.



Doetinchemseweg 29
7036AE Loerbeek, Gelderland


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